Urvashi is an entrepreneur with an accountant’s mind, a philanthropist’s heart, and a mother of an 8-year-old daughter!
She arrived in the UK at the tender age of 21, determined to qualify as an accountant. Not only has she done that, but she has set up a successful accountancy practice; she is a qualified mortgage adviser and was an immigration adviser, as she could see many of her clients would benefit from these additional services. She recognises a shortage of qualified mortgage advisers to help people escape the rent trap. She also sees that many of her clients run SMEs that significantly contribute to the UK economy.

People run some without settled status in the UK; she is helping them with the paperwork and legal requirements so they can provide employment and tax revenues to the country they are proud to call home.
We founded 3ES in 2009 when we realised that many businesses in the UK struggled to find adequate, timely and professional accounting support that also fits their budget.
3E’S Accountants Group is a highly recommended and multi-award-winning accounting practice in the UK. As a result, We help entrepreneurs achieve their bigger financial goals. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including ;

• Accounting.
• Tax planning and advice.
• Financial and business support, including business start-up advice.

In this award function, I am looking for new entrants to be passionate about their work and have a big heart to bring their skills to society and bring changes because they can do so. Women are powerful in this male-dominated world, but award recognition like #nbwa would not only celebrate their dignity but also flows lots of encouragement to bring changes in society.