Recruiting Your Leadership Team – Getting the Right Culture and Attitude Fit

One of the joys of running Portman Scott is the huge variety of companies we work with. It has been fascinating to meet with businesses determined to push through the uncertainty of the last few years and grow.

Among the success stories, technology has often played a key role. But we find that company culture and attitude are also absolutely crucial, especially as businesses navigate new expectations around remote and hybrid working.

When the cultural fit is a good one, and people are happy in their role, they are also far more likely to stay in that role and overachieve. Staff turnover is reduced, saving companies time and money. A strong culture also makes companies more resilient.

At Portman Scott, our “Next Generation Search” uses world recognised behavioural assessment methodology (McQuaig) to give clients the confidence to understand the values and motivations of candidates by analysing how well they match the values and culture of their organisation. This process has worked well for all levels of hire, from Department Heads to Directors, Managing Directors and CEOs.

The use of technology in recruitment is not new, but perhaps growth companies and SMEs are only just appreciating how far behavioural assessment has developed. Over the next few years, we expect to see more and more companies make use of best in class science-based insights in the never-ending quest to find the right candidates with the best culture and attitude fit.

Bridie Cunningham


Portman Scott