Community Kindness – Alive and well in Milton Keynes

It was a massive privilege to represent The Bus Shelter MK (TBSMK) at the recent SME Awards in Milton Keynes and talk about the work of the homeless shelter. We’ve had a great response, not least from IKEA who offered support on the night. Within days of the event The Bus Shelter MK had a bit of a crisis, called on IKEA for that promised support, and…WOW… did they come through!

TBSMK has 21 beds for our guests in Milton Keynes. We work with each of them towards the ultimate objective of renting their own accommodation. This is very problematic right now because private rented accommodation is expensive and there is very little of it on the market. So, it’s a special day when we are able to move someone into their very own place. That’s exactly what happened this week. A gentleman who has been living with us for some time, still working well beyond retirement age, was offered sheltered accommodation. Now all we had to do was help him furnish it! A call was put out to our wonderful volunteers who immediately responded with all sorts of items to help set up the flat. What we didn’t have was a bed. Heart in my mouth I phoned Adam at IKEA. What a fabulous response. Within no time he had located a king size bed, mattress, and various other goodies.

A simple thing, a bed, yet hugely significant for someone who has been homeless. What a positive start for our guest in his new life. Thank you so much to IKEA and to all our supporters.

“Whilst attending the wonderful SME Business Awards, IKEA Milton Keynes was moved by Fran and her teams immense work for the Bus Shelter MK. After a quick exchange of cards, Fran got in contact to let us know about one of her guests, and if there was anything we could do to support him.

At IKEA there are many things we are extremely passionate about, two of which being Sustainability and making a wonderful every day for the many people. The guest had some accommodation, but was but an empty shell, which is where we were delighted to step in and support where we could by providing a King Size bed from our ex-display area, Reshop and Reuse, as well as a few other amenities to furnish the home.

We wish this gentleman and all current & future residents of the Bus Shelter Milton Keynes a bright future indeed.” Adam Trevaskis, Commercial Activities Manager, IKEA Milton Keynes