“I don’t have to time to submit an entry”

“I don’t know what to include in my entry form”

“I don’t know how to put what I do in my business in to words”

These are 3 of many similar phrases we hear every day here at the SME Business Awards. Many businesses are striving to be an Award Winner, but simply do not have the time, expertise or support needed to produce an Award-Winning entry form.

Do you ever wonder how big industry names are able to write entries to business awards, or how your competitors are being shortlisted for an ever-growing list of Awards, when you know they are snowed under in work?

It’s no secret that it takes great skill, industry knowledge, experience and, above all, time, to put together an entry that will wow the judges and score you those all-important points. So, how do they do it?

Introducing … Awards Writers.

Award Writers work with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. Working alongside to write a persuasive, compelling entry to impress the judges and help you take home that trophy. Helping to sell your ‘wow factor’ and showcase your drive and success. From the blank entry form to the anticipated awards ceremony, Award Writers are there to support you every step of the way, and ensure you make the most of every opportunity available.

Shining a light on the achievements of your business, they help to make your entry stand out in your chosen category, using their expertise and industry knowledge to captivate the judges.

They will look at your business and the story you want to tell. Getting to know you and your team, they will ensure your entry form stays relevant, engaging, and convinces the judges that you are a deserving winner.

You provide the essence of your great business; they tell your story.

Working with an Awards Writer can be one of the most rewarding, eye opening and worthwhile investments for your business.

We all know the amazing benefits that entering business awards provide. Free PR coverage, great marketing opportunities, increased credibility amongst competitors, just to name a few! Do not let these slip away as a result of your busy schedule.

If you want to give your entry form the time, care and dedication it deserves, working with an Awards Writer is a no brainer.

Below are some Award Writers that have written entries for businesses that have gone on to become both Finalists and Winners in our SME, NBCA AND NBWA Awards.







Any many more! Please contact aislinn@eventsandpr.co.uk for further Awards Writer contacts.